Thursday, December 22, 2016

When disappointment became the status quo...

I have been sitting on this post for a while. In fact, I have written, re-written, revised, pondered, almost deleted, and then came to my terms.

Sometimes you just have to get it on paper (or online, or whatever medium you please).


Diabetes world, when did we let disappointment become the status quo?

When the news of the first stage of what will resemble the artificial pancreas came to light, I sat in my car and cried. Big, gulping tears.

This is real, I thought. Things are moving along and in our favor. Tears were streaming. Years ago, I had a donor tell me that the artificial pancreas is a "right now cure." Those words resonated in my heart and my brain and I still use them to this day. My "right now cure" is coming. I even messaged my inspiration with gratitude. I was flying. Nothing could ruin my day.

Then I looked online (usually a mistake, but here I am

"This is not a cure."

"How dare you call this an artificial pancreas."

"Just another way for big pharma to cash in on us."

So on and so on and so on.

Friends, you were SO disappointed. Even angry.

My tears of relief and joy and every feeling in the world all meshed into one were halted.

Wait, should I be disappointed?

Yes, I know, we have been "curing" this disease for decades. Decades. I get that. But, what I also understand is we have come so far. Are these advancements adding increments to my life? Are they allowing me to live decades longer than was possible 50 years ago? Will I dance at my son's weddings? Will I hold my grandchildren? Or will I not wake up one morning because that one blood sugar that could have been stopped by technology slipped through the cracks and

then my world ends...

I am not disappointed. I am not angry.

I am elated.