Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Currently in January

I am stealing this idea from Amy at Life Between the Fingersticks.  My hope for the year is to blog more and so far I am off to a great start.  However, I do not seem to have anecdotal topics regarding my life with type 1 (maybe I should start writing things down when they happen), so I am relying on some internet favorites to get me through the lack of exciting diabetes blogs!

I love the idea of a monthly Currently topic.  I think if I stick with it, these moments in time will be fun to look back at!

Reading:     rereading The Perks of Being a Wallflower.  Maybe it is the fact that I went to high school in the 90s, or maybe it is I am glass half empty, but I truly love this book.

Watching:     I am in love with the television show Parenthood every week I think I cannot cry more, but I do.  One of the best shows on television.  On another note, I cannot wait for Newsroom to start the second season.

Planning:     The next phase of my life.  Stay tuned!

Laughing about:     My baby bear may be the happiest baby on earth.  Except at night when he likes to rock and roll all night and part of every day (role models throw back :))  He smiles whenever you look at him and he thinks the world is hilarious.  Especially if you accidentally startle him.  I love that kid with my whole heart.

Listening to:     As always, Jack White, Radiohead, the usual.  New additions in the last couple of months are Luke Sital and Imagine Dragons.

Eating:     Almonds with sea salt.  LOVE.

Working on:     Quite a few projects in the pipeline.  Will share later.  Also, back to researching PhD programs.  I am a nutcase.  I know.

Wishing:     I could bring my baby bear to work with me.  I am not sure I would be very productive, however.  But, at least I would have a smile on my face.

Looking forward to:     CHANGE!  Change is good, change is good, change is good.  Yes, I am trying to convince myself.

Thinking about:     My massive to-do list.  Better get to it!


Amy Ross said...

I love Parenthood too. I haven't seen the most recent one but am dying to start it!

Nikki LeForce DeFalco said...

Amy - it was so good! Only two episodes left!