Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Day 9 - Diabetes Blog Day!

Day 9 - Dblog Day - Juvenation Blog Carnival

This is my second year to participate in D-blog day.  Last year, I wrote about things I want you to know about type 1 diabetes.  This year, thanks to your diabetes BFF, Gina Capone, who is also facilitating the Juvenation Blog Carnival.  I get to do it all!

The project is, create a scrapbook page with details from your diabetes life.  I am terribly uncreative, so I used a lot of computer sources.   I wish I could have included even more from my life with T1D. 

Nonetheless, here it is...

I apologize for my terrible picture quality.  Needed my digital camera and not my phone!

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ZDub said...

I came over form Kerri's site. Diabetes can suck it.