Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Day 8 - Deserted Island - Juvenation Blog Carnival

Day 8 - Deserted Island. You are on a deserted island, what would you take with you?

I have actually thought about this topic many times. If you are looking for a positive read today, you may want to move on. This isn't positive.

Throughout my life with diabetes this question has popped up a lot. I am not sure what people's fascination is...maybe Blue Lagoon? I digress.

The actual point is...this isn't an option.

I think about Haiti, or Katrina, or any other natural disaster. The people with type 1 diabetes may not make it out. To be stranded for days without insulin, food, water, etc...

It is clear what happens to us.

It isn't Blue Lagoon. We don't hang out and eat coconuts until we accidentally eat the sleeping berries and fake-die.

We don't make it that far.

There becomes no hope for us.

Without insulin...we die.

With the incorporation of insulin pumps, fast acting insulin, and not much insulin on board, life without insulin is short.

When I was diagnosed, I was in DKA. I spent the week in ICU barely hanging on. I don't want to go out like that. Death from DKA would be painful. It is full of suffering. No one wants to go like that.

Yes, this is cynical and morose and any other adjective that adequately explains the horrifying nature of this disease. But, hey, you asked.

Back to my bubble.

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