Monday, November 07, 2011

Day 6 - Monitoring - Juvenation Blog Carnival

Day 6 - Monitoring.  How often do you test?  Do you skip a lot?  Which meter do you have?  Do you use monitoring software?  Which finger do you use the most?  Take a photo of your fingers and let's see if we can connect the dots.

How often do you test?
I wrote about testing a couple of days ago.  I am testing a lot right now.  You know, future baby mode and all.  This means, 10+ times a day. 

Do you skip a lot?
I don't skip very often.  If I do, it isn't on purpose, I just get too damn busy. 

What meter do you have?
I use the One Touch Ultra Link that came with my MM pump.  I don't really like it.  Big, bulky, etc.  I use it because it is convenient.  It sends the meter reading right to my pump.

Do you use monitoring software?
I download my Dex readings, but not my meter readings.  I plug a lot of my meter readings into my Dex, so it is a little bit of overkill to do both!

Which finger do you use the most?
My middle finger on my left hand.  Sometimes my ring finger. :)

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