Friday, November 04, 2011

Day 4 - Refrigerator

Refrigerator.  If you open your fridge, what is the first thing you would eat? And why would you pick that meal?  How many carbs does it have?

I eat on the go a lot.  My work schedule is sometimes a little hectic.  When I do get to eat at home, my fridge contains fruit, yogurt, diet coke, beer, and condiments.

When I started to write this post, I asked J what do I eat that is in the fridge? 

He said, "Like when you have to eat?"

That topic threw me off guard a little.  So many times we snack because we are low.  Very low.  For emergencies, my fridge contains several types of juices.  This is my first go-to low snack.  In the middle of the night the bad lows make it hard to swallow glucose tabs.  Juice is ALWAYS in my fridge.

I also think it is funny that my fridge is also full of so many other diabetes supplies...

I have novolog vials, at least four.
Symlin, from the days I gave that a try.
Back-up novolog pen.
Back-up lantus pen.
Boxes of medtronic sensors left over from before I had the dexcom.

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Anonymous said...

That an you just need groceries :)!!