Friday, November 04, 2011

Day 3 - Day in the life - Juvenation Blog Carnival

Day in the life of a T1D.  What is a normal day for you like?

7:00 am - alarm goes off, grab my dexcom.  Either curse or celebrate the results (that is, if the damn thing hasn't buzzed at me all night)

7:10 - after checking email on my smartphone, I go straight to the kitchen.  Load my meter, wait 5,4,3,2,1 - again, curse or celebrate.  Correct if necessary.  Start coffee.  VERY important step.

After shower, etc, I bolus for my preferred breakfast.  I try to bolus before breakfast that way I don't catapult myself to a high.

8:45 - working.  By now, I am normally at the office.  Drinking coffee.  Checking emails. 

10:00 - yogurt, or other snack.  Check dex.  Either have an upwards arrow because of caffeine, or going down because I overbolused breakfast.  Correct, etc.

11:30 - check bg. Usually going low from rage bolus from caffeine high.  Eat lunch without tasting :)

2:00 pm - test again.  Being crazy obsessive about my bg right now.

4:00 - snack, preparing for gym later.

5:30 - on a good day, leave work, check bg.  Get ready for gym.

5:45 - gym, watch trends on my dex the entire time. Have been caught in multiple situations at the gym where I have gone super low.

7:00 - Check bg again, verify with dex.  Start bolus for meal. Dinner.

7:30 - catch up on work related things.  Relax!  Read, etc.

Before bed - I am usually a night owl, so whenever this may be.  Check bg.  Correct.  Compare to dex.  Bed.

(usually throughout the night, dex buzzes.)

This day is typical, but others I may have super lows, forget my lean cuisine is in the microwave, reheat it 17 times, leave my snack at home, drink too much starbucks, or never make it to the gym and watch multiple episodes of the daily show on my dvr.

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