Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 27 - Newly Diagnosed

Day 27 - What is the first piece of information or advice that you would give to a child or an adult newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?  

I do this often.  Working for a diabetes organization, I get a lot of calls from distraught families who are going through a new diagnosis.  I say the same thing every time.

It gets better.

Why?  Because it does.

Does it get easier?


But, it gets better.  You get used to it.  This life becomes routine to you and it gets better.

That is all the advice I have to give.  This is the hand we were dealt.

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Anonymous said...

I would say..."they will tell you that you can lead a normal life. Lie, it is not normal, but it can become your normal and it can still be good." And "embrace the DOC, because you will need/want the support and support others. PWD have a policy of "leave no one behind" and they will walk this journey with you"