Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 12 - 15 Juvenation Blog Carnival

I am ridiculously behind on Juvenation's Blog Carnival.  So behind, I almost said "to hell with it" and completely gave up.  BUT, I won't.  I will just post two incredibly long posts and catch myself up.

I am sorry and happy reading!

Day 12 - Worst Diabetes Day

I try not to let diabetes get the best of me.  There are a lot of off days.  There are days like today, where I have yo-yo'd around 60 - 285 mg/dl.  Nothing has changed about my daily regimen  I don't know why this is happening, but it is!  

This post, in particular, may be one of my worst diabetes days.  I still cannot get it out of my head.  I am still thinking about this man.  Almost every day.

Day 13 - Motivation

What inspires you to take care of yourself when you are feeling down with health condition like diabetes?

Well, living in the diabetes advocacy bubble, it is often the kids that I see on a daily basis that inspire me to be a role model.

Recently, it has been this. I really have been focusing on that aspect of my life.

However, it is mostly my family and my spouse.  They are the ones that would be impacted the most if I didn't wake up tomorrow.  They are my biggest advocates and they inspire me to try harder.  

Day 14 - World Diabetes Day

Day 15 - Inspiration

Someone I really admire is...

I admire every person with type 1 diabetes who wakes up every day and battles this disease.  It takes perseverance and determination to make your numbers work for you.  You have to give a shit and you have to do it daily.  You inspire me Diabetes OC!  You inspire us all.

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