Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 11 - Best Diabetes Day

Day - 11

What is your best diabetes day?

I have written about this before.  Pregnancy.  A scary term for me, for anyone I am sure.  It is a new word for me.  It feels funny and jumbled in my mouth when I say it.  It is so insane to me to admit it. So weird.  I was always that person who really wasn't sure if I even wanted to have kids.

No, I am not pregnant.  Not even close.  But, the best diabetes day for me happens to be the day I got the green light.

I have been working with my endocrinologist for over a year on the idea of this future possibility.  A year of incessant bg checks, not a day without a CGM, crazy concentration on bolus and basal rates.  It is consuming.

It isn't easy to plan a pregnancy when you have type 1 diabetes.  You have to be very hands on.  Very.  Accidental pregnancy is detrimental to both the PWD and the future child.  It is unfair, but it is what it is.  I have had a lot of pain and disappointment in the last year, but I know that when we are finally there, we will be so ready.  I will have made an effort to do everything I could possibly do to make a nice environment for my future baby.  I know that I will give them the best body possible.

So back in May, when I got the approval, I sat on the examination table and felt the tears of joy in my eyes.  This was something I didn't realize I would suddenly want so badly.  I was suddenly overwhelmed with the love that I could share.  I still am.

Someday.  Now, it is just someday soon.

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Anonymous said...

A tough journey for so long, but worth it times a zillion! So excited for you! -Mendy