Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Goal Setting...too hard?

It has been so long since I have logged in and written my own blog...I read blogs everyday, but lately have been unmotivated to actually get on here and write about my life, or my diabetes issues...so, here I am.

At the beginning of August I bought a notebook and wrote down 10 obtainable goals. I gave myself a year from that date to make it happen. They weren't goals that I felt would be too hard to reach...there was no lose 25 pounds or be organized. They were truly goals that if I tried, I could get them done. However, it is now October14th and I am no closer to closing in on them than I was August 1st. This made me wonder...is it that goal setting is just hard to do? How do you get motivated?

Let me know...


Scott K. Johnson said...

I am tuned in for some wise responses - I need help in this department too!

I personally have trouble breaking my goals down into task level details. If I can get them broken down into tasks or daily to-do items, I can tick them off and feel good about them.

Often my own goals are so vague that I can't get them down to that level of detail. Then I get frustrated and abandon them.

Let's hope for some smart people to help us. :-)

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