Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Different Kind of Tired

Mollie Singer posted this on facebook...

"Tired. mentally, emotionally, and physically tired of this "thinking" disease. 24/7/365, year after year after year, thinking about finger pokes, blood sugar numbers, shots, and tired of thinking about diabetes.Tired of having to wake up and having to test, tired of worrying about low blood sugar in the middle of a performance. Tired of having to stop exercising because my blood sugar is too low or too high. Tired of having to stop studying for a test because of low or too high blood sugar. Tired of being frustrated. Tired of worrying about complications" - Mollie Singer

I couldn't agree more.


k2 said...

It's a grind and we don't get a vacation, EVER.
Venting, bitching, lamenting, whatever u want to call it, is OK and a must in our world
BUt, we have technology, resources, CHOICES and open communication today.
All things which were never available to us in the past

We have more freedom now than previous generations of diabetics.
Yeah it's a bitch, but at least we have a community that we can vent to, and who understands....So that we got that going for us ;)
Keep Rocking!

Laura Williams said...

Yep, it can get incredibly draining. Sometimes you just have to take it one day (or one meal) at a time.

Jeff said...

Hi Nikki.

Living with diabetes means that your day comes with built-in interruptions.

My personal favorite interruption is when I'm just about ready to go out to dinner, or go to an appointment, a meeting, or even to bed after a tiring, long day, and then my pump's low reservoir alarm sounds.