Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Let's get physical?

Happy New Year!

New year, same old problems!

By the way, this is not my New Year's Resolution... it is only something I need to do.

I am totally having issues getting motivated to exercise. I know I need to do it. It is the one factor left in doing everything I can to get my A1c down.

I bought a treadmill this past March. I put it in front of my bed in order to force myself to use it. It ended up being a clothes rack, therefore it was moved to my guest bedroom. It is too cold to go outside and I don't have time to go to the gym. I am in rut. Not to mention, I am an after dinner snacker. I know, it is a problem!

Any suggestions?


kath said...

I've made my treadmill as comfortable as possible. A good TV in the room, good internet service, etc. In fact, I'm very close to putting my DVR in there rather than in the living room.

It really helps.

And commit to do something every day, even if it is only 3 minutes.

Jeff said...

Hi Nikki.

When we lived in New England, I had my bike on rollers in the basement during the winters.

Every night I would get on it at 7:30pm, put the TV (w/rabbit ears!) on Jeopardy, and pedal easy through the opening segment, rest during the first commercials, pedal harder and then stop again during the next commercial break, then pedal moderately through the "Double Jeopardy" round. I'd then slow down to an easy cadence through the final commercials, cooling down until the very end of the show.

I liked the trivia, and it made the half hour go by very quickly. Maybe something like this could work for you on the treadmill?

Happy New Year.

k2 said...

First off - Just discovered your blog & I love it!

Hmmm, as far as exercising - have u considered putting your treadmill on a very high incline?? It burns an incredible amount of calories and it's great for your butt!

As far as being an after dinner snacker, I can relate big time!

I munch on edemame (hot or cold leftovers) after dinner with a little sea salt and cumin. very tasty! No fat, high in protein and fiber.

Other favorites include Trader Joe's awesome flaxseed tortilla chips. High in fiber & lower in carbs & calories than the corn chips of yesteryear.
I eat them with spicy salsa and I love them.

Also if u mix low fat sour cream with Salsa and crunch on raw baby carrots, red peppers and celery. Also the veggies are great with humus. The Crunch comfort factor is very high!

Anyway, good luck! Will continue to read your blog and invite u to view mine.

2008 is going to be great!
Kelly Kunik

Scott K. Johnson said...

I get stuck in ruts often. I think my most successful strategy so far has been to take small steps in the right direction.

Now if I can just figure out how to stay "there" once I get there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki. I'm Chris and I'm 16 years old. A Month ago I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I can agree with you fully, diabetes sucks. I see you have the pump though. Is it really nice? My Endocrinologist says I have to wait about 2 years before he puts me on the pump so I'm dealing with the "old school" syringes and insulin vials. But anyway, I just wanted to drop by and say hey. Its nice reading the experiences you've encountered with diabetes. Its more of less helps me out because I'm constantly learning only being a month into this life changing experience.

Nikki said...

Hey Chris! Thanks for the comment. In fact, thanks to everyone for the comments. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but it will get easier. I wouldn't wait two years to get a pump! They can do it much faster than that, I do not know why some drs. say that! As for now, you should totally get an insulin pen. That will be much more convienent that carrying around that vial! If you have any questions, or just want to complain, feel free to come here and do that!

Brensdad said...

Have you considered Symlin? It will eliminate those after-dinner snacks.