Wednesday, January 10, 2007

D.C. Here I come!

So, Friday I leave for Washington, D.C.. I have never been, so I am so excited I can hardly wait. I am sure I will be like a little kid waiting for Christmas and will not be able to sleep the night before. So, now I am inviting information from all of you fellow bloggers. I am only staying the weekend in D.C., so I definitely need to know some places to go, I will be doing the high speed tourism thing and barely seeing each place as I go. On the list is Smithsonian and Holocaust museum, I am welcoming all other suggestions! Please HELP!!!

P.S. I you have not taken action by contacting your representatives in the embryonic stem cell vote, please click here with help of JDRF, or click here with the help of the American Diabetes Association (I did both), to take action on HR 3. It is only a small gesture, but hopefully if we flood their email accounts maybe they will stand up and take notice!