Tuesday, July 18, 2006

You look like a diabetic.

My friend calls me the other day to tell me that her co-workers have discovered a wrist fanny pack to wear around and make fun of. One of the girls puts on the wrist fanny pack and someone else makes the comment, "You look like a diabetic." So, the girl proceeds to put a candy bar in the wrist fanny pack and someone else says, "Now you really look like a diabetic."

My first thoughts are...what? She looks like a diabetic? How?

Then I think, is that what the perceptions of a T1 diabetic are?

What in the scenario refers to a T1 diabetic?

Stereotypes like these really frustrate me. Is it necessary to assume something about a disease you know nothing about?


LaLa said...

Wow - those actions and comments are so inappropriate, even if they were meant as a joke. If you think about it, their actions are just as cruel as a person pretending to go into an epileptic seizure and then laughing about those who suffer from epilepsy. I will never ever understand how people can do things like that with a clear conscience, acting as if it is nothing. Grr!!! Things like this really get my blood boiling!!!!


Minnesota Nice said...

Just recently in the dentist's office my diabetes came up in conversation and the other person said "well, you don't look sick to me" - I really didn't know how to take that comment, but it didn't feel very good. I don't like to be labeled or stereotyped so usually find it much easier to not mention it unless really necessary.

Australian mum said...

You cannot win either way with the physical appearance of a T1. My T1 child is tall, fit and slender - great for dispelling silly obesity myths and T1 diabetes (a rude lady at a local shopping centre told one of our JDRF fundraisers that the fat children deserved to get diabetes). However, my daughters "healthy" appearance makes it hard for people to understand the seriousness of her disease.