Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Okay, so my blood sugar has been over 200 and up in the 300's for over a day. Why? I don't know. I haven't done anything different. It isn't my pump, checked that, I have checked my blood glucose about 25 times! I am so frustrated. I called my pharmacy and they don't carry blood ketone test strips, they only have urine. Finally about 20 minutes ago when I was about to call my endo, my bg was 146. I don't understand.

Okay, so now that I described the problem I am having, here is the question. What is a good monitor to buy that can also use blood ketones strips? Right now the monitor that I am on is the monitor that came with my Mini-med pump. I also have two back ups that I hardly ever use, a Ascensia Elite, and I used to have a Medisense Precision, which I think is probably dated. The Precision used to have blood ketone strips that you could buy separately, but apparently not anymore.

Any help anyone?


Scott K. Johnson said...

There is a meter out there from Precision, I think it's the Xtra that can do both glucose and ketones. It is a different strip for ketones, and if I remember correctly they are pretty expensive.

One of those things where if your insurance covers it, it's probably worth it, but if not you find a way to deal without it...

Hope that helps!

Shannon said...

We use Precision X-tra for ketones only.

We get the meter for free from the endo, and Blue Cross covers the ketone strips.

It does have seperate strips for ketones and glucose.

julia said...

Precision Xtra is the only two-in-one meter, but as Scott says, it has two different strips. You have to code the machine separately for each one, too. We only use the Xtra for ketone testing, since O doesn't get them too often (knock wood, etc.).

Ask if your insurance covers the ketone strips as they are very expensive. Or ask your endo for samples and see if you can get the meter for nothing - I did.

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