Friday, April 28, 2006

Just another D Day

Today I turned in my CGMS system and on Monday I get the results of this annoying thing. First of all I would like to say to anyone who is planning on using the CGMS system, it is not something you get used to. It is a pain in the butt, but hopefully will help me fine tune my numbers.

When I was turning in the CGMS today I was getting on the elevator and this really friendly man joins me. He proceeds to ask me what is on my hip. I don't mind answering this, most of the time I like to educate people about T1 diabetes. I let him know it is an insulin pump and I haveT1 diabetes. He then says, "I haven't gotten that far along yet, (referring to "having" to be on a pump) I have T2 diabetes." He was such a nice man, but I couldn't help but think, hello, I didn't make myself have to have insulin, and you are planning in your future to get to where you are "that far along"? Maybe I am just irritated because I am tired and it is rainy and gloomy here today. I don't know. I wish that when they decided to name the disease of T1 and T2 diabetes, they honestly wouldn't have chosen the same name.

Another story, on Tuesday when I was at the endo to get the CGMS started and they were going over how to use it and everything, the nurse, who was speaking out loud to herself, was filling out some paperwork. She was saying like the dates, and type of insulin, and then she says T2 diabetic, controlled. I said wait, I have T1 diabetes, and I said this really annoyed. She was like oh sorry. Then I said something really nasty and I regret saying this, but I was irritated. "Do I look like I have T2 diabetes?" Yes, I know not all T2 diabetics are overweight, not all of them are old, and not all of them control their bg by pills, yes I know this, but truthfully the majority of them are. The nurse then proceeds to lecture me on stereotypes and blah blah blah and all the while I am wanting to scream, IF YOU HADN'T SAID THAT OUT LOUD YOU WOULD HAVE RECORDED THE WRONG INFORMATION FOR ME, YOU JERK, but I just sit and there and wonder where in the heck she came up with the I had T2 and why she said that. I am confused, I am small, really small, always have been, on an insulin pump (most T2 aren't), wtf man? I don't know, I just needed to vent. I hope no one is offended by anything I said. I am just irritated. I didn't do anything at all to bring on my T1 and most of the time I hate it. I hate that people do not understand the disease. I hate that people make assumptions, like that it was my diet, or exercise, that caused it. I was active my entire life, entered college weighing less than 100 lbs., was a dance minor, specializing in ballet and tap, how could I have brought this on myself. How could people jump to the conclusions that I have T2 diabetes and why would they? Sorry so long, I am just really, really frustrated and annoyed today. Let me know if you have a similar experience :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Okay, so my blood sugar has been over 200 and up in the 300's for over a day. Why? I don't know. I haven't done anything different. It isn't my pump, checked that, I have checked my blood glucose about 25 times! I am so frustrated. I called my pharmacy and they don't carry blood ketone test strips, they only have urine. Finally about 20 minutes ago when I was about to call my endo, my bg was 146. I don't understand.

Okay, so now that I described the problem I am having, here is the question. What is a good monitor to buy that can also use blood ketones strips? Right now the monitor that I am on is the monitor that came with my Mini-med pump. I also have two back ups that I hardly ever use, a Ascensia Elite, and I used to have a Medisense Precision, which I think is probably dated. The Precision used to have blood ketone strips that you could buy separately, but apparently not anymore.

Any help anyone?