Sunday, March 26, 2006

Reverse Diabetes

So, yesterday I was in Barnes and Noble looking around and as usual I walked through the diabetes section to see if there was anything new I would like to have and there it was...

Reverse Diabetes in Two Months or Less blah blah blah

So I pick it up just for the hell of it and flip through it. Of course I knew that the book was aimed at people with T2, but I looked through it anyway and guess what wasn't there...the fact that it was aimed at T2 diabetics. It would be easy for people who are recently diagnosed T1 to pick up the book and actually buy it thinking they could actually reverse diabetes. It just frustrates me that people make money by giving other people false hopes, because that is what they are, false hopes. Reverse Diabetes, what a bunch of bs.


George said...

That is ridiculous. I love it when people tell me, "My uncle stopped taking medicine just by exercising, you should do that!"

I know I should be nice but 90% of the time I want to punch them in the neck for saying something lame like that! I am in a bad mood today so please forgive me.

BTW - I like your blog!

Gen said...

Hey, there!

I am SOOO happy to have found your blog. I have had Type I diabetes since May of '89. Was 20 1/2 yrs old. In all honesty, I am still in total rebellion and I am not controlling it at all. I feel guilty about it all the time.

So I decided tonight to try and get some inspiration once and for all and some emotional support by reading someone's blog. I know it will really help me. Your blog's title appealed to me, because that is how I feel. And yes, most people (and physicians) are clueless as to the amount of courage having this disease implies.

Know that you have a reader that so understands you, it's not even funny ;)


Gen, a fellow blogger from Montréal, Canada

julia said...

I would have taken down the name of the author and publisher and if possible, editor, and written a strongly worded letter to them, telling them how irresponsible they were being by not differentiating between the two diseases. I did this yesterday, to my local NPR affiliate. They did a piece on diabetes in Latinos and not once did they mention that there were two types of D.

I've stopped trying to be nice about that. I don't care who I piss off anymore.